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Company introduction

Essence International Financial Group Ltd (EG) is a technology driven Financial Services Company, we invest in cutting-edge technology solutions, to all customers as the center, we sincerely Atsuyuki, convinced by the integrity, excellence and continuous self-improvement of the core values of the staff set up an excellent team, the customer transfer value. Our business scope covers the global financial markets and carries out international financial responsibilities, the Belize financial regulatory license number is IFSC/60/489/FX/17. Shun Group with an open innovation system, first-class solutions to meet the personalized needs of the Internet era of investors. Have a safe and stable trading platform, international financial services team, to provide investors with advanced trading tools, original expert comment, massive industry information and learning resources, but also provide dynamic real-time display, mobile transactions transparent transaction service, convenient high-speed access and other innovative services. Regardless of your trading experience, Shun International will provide customized services for your high investment solutions to help you better in active trading in global financial markets.
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Custom service

Cuetomized service

Investment Guarantee

Safety control

Authority supervision

Essence Group by international financial regulatory authority, multiple protection, and a separate monitoring department and risk management team, constantly monitor the operation of the department.

Capital security

Customer funds and operating funds are separated from each other in different bank accounts in order to ensure the independence of customer funds. Support a variety of payment methods, efficient access to convenient, fast, and has a high efficiency of the financial team, to ensure that customers can timely arrival.

Transaction security

To ensure that customers online transaction security, the online encoding technology and conforming to the international standard for Internet transactions security measures against various types of network attacks and hacking, prevent unauthorized login and transaction


Essence Group has been a comply with the statutory authority issued by the Privacy Ordinance, establish internal customer data processing program is more rigorous, all customer information and transaction records are highly confidential and encrypted to prevent the leakage of personal information.