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  • OPEC production cuts or early stages

    Investment Strategy OPEC production cuts or early stages

    Crude oil futures fell on Tuesday, as uncertainty over the outcome of the OPEC meeting this week weighed on oil prices, which will discuss whether to extend a deal to support oil prices.

    2017-11-30 09:56:33
  • A test of the neckline of the shoulder of the doll

    Investment Strategy A test of the neckline of the shoulder of the doll

    On Friday, the euro was stronger than the rest of the G7 currencies, having climbed from 1.1850 to 1.1943, up 93 points, ending at 1.1929. While the U.S. market has been thin due to the Thanksgiving holiday, analysts say the dollar bears are still mulling the next attack. If investors believe that the dollar will depreciate, the quickest and easiest way to make a profit is to do the euro, as the euro accounts for more than 50 per cent of the basket of currencies in the dollar index.

    2017-11-27 10:43:45
  • Gold's performance was strong but not broken.

    Investment Strategy Gold's performance was strong but not broken.

    Gold is healthy and healthy at the end of the year and early 2018 to $1,300. Factors underpinning the gold rally include a pullback in the dollar, consolidation in U.S. stocks and political and fiscal instability in the United States, as well as other European political turmoil. The next repair and consolidation of gold is also orderly.

    2017-11-24 09:26:51
  • The dollar was back on line 93 for support.

    Investment Strategy The dollar was back on line 93 for support.

    On November 1, the federal reserve released as soon as possible the meeting record to determine its still keep raising interest rates in December, and identify the good momentum of economic development at the same time, expressed in financial markets "imbalance" lead to the concerns of the possibility of rapid retreat in asset prices. In after the release conference contents to carry on dollar, the dollar index yesterday fell 0.73% to 93.16. Other currency and commodity prices generally higher, the euro rose against the dollar, 83 points to 1.1822, the dollar against the yen fell 122 points to 111.22, gold soared to $11, 1292.18. And the outside by the fall in the dollar and U.S. crude oil inventories of crude oil to reduce influence rallied, American WTI crude oil prices rose 2.1% to $58.02 a barrel.

    2017-11-23 09:32:39
  • The dollar breakthrough still requires patience.

    Investment Strategy The dollar breakthrough still requires patience.

    The dollar continued to weaken despite the reported U.S. home sales figures on Tuesday. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming this week, there won't be much of a bombshell, with investors focused on the minutes of the federal reserve's November meeting that will be released later. At the same time, the euro rose slightly, on the day on Monday (Nov. 20) are posted its biggest one-day fall since October 26, because of Germany's political uncertainty increased, the eurozone's strong economic growth prospects dominant again, this brings effective support for the euro.

    2017-11-22 09:26:03
  • Double negative pressure, euro zone back

    Investment Strategy Double negative pressure, euro zone back

    The euro became the most visible currency on the foreign exchange market on Monday (November 20). Because it was reported that German coalition talks broke down between the four parties, the euro/dollar fell sharply in early trading Monday, the city, but after entering European time, a strong rebound in the euro, and was once hit session highs, but trading in New York, influenced by German chancellor Angela merkel's comments, the euro/dollar again nasty, low and close to days. The euro's days have been remarkably spectacular. Despite the political uncertainty facing Germany, some institutional analysts believe the euro will not "collapse". The euro also edged higher in early trading on Tuesday.

    2017-11-21 09:32:31

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