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After another big gorgeous vernal scenery


March is flowers blossom, peach spring day, should have a good weekend getaway to learn young, still echoing, its moments of beauty make dummy, but in March of this year is the busy season, many events have a significant influence on the market will be followed, or can't get out.

First day in congress speech trump, before this, he has said in his address, not give details of the tax cuts, market early have a psychological preparation, so this time trump's speech in congress, there is a small but gentle tone, doctrine of tax reform hope an early end to the chaotic state, since more than forty days call for no longer niggle, hark back to the one trillion construction plan to shore up the economy, the market reaction or can be, beautiful hui Index CFDs above resistance at 102, the global stock market to ignore the threat of American interest rates and comprehensive uptick. Market optimism, of course, there are still reserved, after all, he's so far are said to do more, less in this round of rebound for how much longer is unknown.

Just rev CPPCC, China will this year's economic growth targets of bulletin, the material will go down from 6.7% last year, the economic transformation, the expansion of domestic sales of GDP accounted for big security than this change, in response to the coal industry overcapacity and capital haze problems there will be new measures. Congress believe will also discuss the area along the grand strategy under various infrastructure projects.

On March 7 to 9 off the house of lords on British the discussion, take off the bill of material's article trishanne can be adopted, but there are still in suspense, the house of lords in fact is to ask for revision to the bill; If that happens, the bill should be back to the house of Commons retrial, take off the process or will be delayed. Held a meeting on March 9, the European parliament, the British can fastest in meeting formally to the European Union is to express the intent.

On March 9, usher in the European central bank meeting, Dutch, French election, expected the European central bank should be in constant change, February inflation has risen to the central bank target levels, but core inflation remains stubbornly maintained at below 1%, believe the central bank still won't eager to change policy.

On March 10, is the second Friday in March, the U.S. department of labor will be announced on February jobs report, in the past 12 months, on average, every month has close to 200000 new jobs, labor market gradually nervous, but still slow wage growth, no matter what kind, according to the development of the current situation, the growth rate slowed down, even if the position salary upward pressure will come sooner or later.

March 14 to 15, this two days is the day when the fed policy-setting meeting is for the second time this year, after the meeting, the fed will post-meeting statement and the officials in the federal index funds, for the long term, when yellen will also attend the press conference. Terry after the speech, more and more people believe that the fed will raise interest rates in March, now probability has risen to more than half. As the economy entered the national employment and inflation, the fed has become more and more likely to raise interest rates three times this year, in last December, the fed is expected to the speaking of here, yellen speech become more significant in Chicago tonight.

As election day in the Netherlands, on March 15, the far-right PVV rising popularity get attention, fortunately, PVV to win is not easy to me, because now only 12 seats, want firm won 76 seats can be expected only to win, it's difficult, because the mainstream political parties can be combined to repel it.

Held on March 25, the European commission's original purpose is to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the treaty of Rome, signed, ironically, the UK is likely to take this opportunity to formally cited article 50 of the Lisbon treaty announced the, this market expectations are digested, the weaker pound in recent days.

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