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Catalonia declared independence


International spot gold week 2 (October 10) continued to rally strongly, with the highest level in the market reaching $12,94.25 an ounce, the gold price broke the 1290 mark and rose for the third consecutive day. The dollar weakened sharply on Tuesday as geopolitical tensions between Spain and north Korea spurred safe-haven demand, but expectations of another us interest rate increase capped gains. On Tuesday, north Korea's founding day, investors were particularly wary of Pyongyang's latest missile test. The day after Russia and China called on north Korea to refrain from north Korea, U.S. President Donald trump suggested in a tweet that military action was under consideration.

One, [foreign exchange market] dollar index correction, short-term or will test the right shoulder of the head and shoulders to form 92.5 possible.

1. Multiple empty views on the message face:

Usd (bearish) : the U.S. September NFIB small business confidence index was less than the previous value of 105.3 and 105.1, which was actually reported as 103.

The euro (lido) : IMF: the euro zone economy is expected to grow 1.9% in 2018, after expected 1.7%. The Catalan autonomous region has declared independence from Spain, but the Spanish government has called it an invalid referendum and has suspended its effectiveness.

Sterling (bullish) : UK industrial output data for July and August was the strongest for two months in a year.

Japan's bank of Japan governor haruhiko kuroda: the bank of Japan will continue to expand its monetary base until inflation stabilizes above 2 percent. To ensure inflation stabilizes to 2 per cent, the boj will continue to maintain QQE and yield curve targets.

Crude oil (rido) : Opec secretary-general balkin said Opec wants to expand the number of member states that have joined the production cuts.

2. Multi-aerial view of technology (more representative) :

The us dollar (below 4/9ma support, or the right shoulder to test the right shoulder to form 92.5) : resistance 94.00, supporting 92.50.

Euro (a referendum on the void in Catalonia made the euro support short) : resistance 1.19, support 1.173.

Sterling (a significant slowdown in the decline in momentum, a correction in the index, no longer bearish) : resistance 1.335, supported 1.312.

The Australian dollar (a significant slowdown in the decline in momentum, a correction in the index, a short-term caution) : resistance 0.787, supported 0.774.

The us and Japan (supported by resistance, short and short periods need to be cautious) : resistance 113.50, support 111.80.

Mei ga (index correction, attention 1.2450 front-line support, caution) : resistance 1.26, support 1.245.

Mei rui (supported by resistance, short time and short time need to be cautious) : resistance 0.9800, support 0.9650.

Gold ($1280 on gold, $1, 300 in the short term, caution) : resistance 1300, supports 1280.

Crude oil (boosted by the news, the morning star, up and down the kinetic energy) : resistance 52.00, support 49.50.

3. Market attention today:

Opec's monthly crude oil market report is pending

At the federal reserve bank of 2017, the FOMC committee will participate in the question-and-answer session at the Stanford economic policy institute

In 2017, the federal reserve committee of the committee of the committee of the FOMC committee of the committee of the committee participated in the discussion on an activity

The EIA releases its monthly short-term energy outlook report

At the next day, the fed's FOMC released minutes of its September monetary policy meeting

On the next day, 04:30 U.S. to October 6, the week API crude oil inventory

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