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Gold is down again


If north Korea's labor party does not have any movement today, gold will fall back quickly

[foreign exchange market] the dollar index has rebounded well and has lost its position in 93, continuing to do so much lower.

1. Multiple empty views on the message face:

The euro (neutral) : ECB executive: while the outlook for different industries has improved, inflationary pressures remain unsatisfactory. In October, the euro zone's index of investor sentiment was better than the previous 28.2 and expectations 28.5, which was actually announced for the first time since the German election, which hit a 10-year high. The ECB's chief executive, lautenscheleg: inflation has picked up, but not as fast as expected. With interest rates still low, we will end our bond purchases, but we still need to make a decision on the timetable.

Crude oil (bearish) : Libya's shalala oil field is said to have risen to 250,000 b/d.

2. Multi-aerial view of technology (more representative) :

Usd (sustained steady at 4/9MA, unbroken 93 callbacks) : resistance 94.30, support 93.40.

The euro (4/9ma pressure remains in force, with a rebound in the bottom of 1.18) : resistance 1.18, support 1.166.

Sterling (a continuous drop into the oversell zone, 1.3 with support, meet high sell short) : resistance 1.325, support 1.30.

The Australian dollar, which has been a major drag on the Australian dollar, has continued to weaken against the dollar, holding 0.783, supporting 0.773.

The us and Japan (supported by resistance, short and short periods need to be cautious) : resistance 113.50, support 112.00.

Meiga (continuous holding steady at 4/9MA, without breaking 1.245 callbacks) : resistance 1.265, support 1.245.

Mei rui (supported by the resistance below), caution for short and short periods) : resistance 0.983, supporting 0.970.

Gold (the daily line bottom recovered to stop the positive line, but the above pressure is still unbroken, cautious) : resistance 1285, support 1260.

Crude oil (short term trend is clear, fall back down the channel, meet high sell short) : resistance 50.00, support 48.00.

3. Market attention today:

Japan's trade account for August

In 2017, the FOMC members of the federal reserve committee will participate in the q&a session of the conference of the economic policy research center of Stanford university

The unemployment rate in Switzerland after the September quarter

14:00 German trade account for August, Germany 8 months after the adjustment of the current account

French August industrial output monthly rate

The monthly rate of industrial output in the UK in August, the monthly rate of manufacturing output in August in the UK, and the UK's post-season trade in goods in August

U.S. September NFIB small business confidence index

Mr. Kashkari, the fed's FOMC member, delivered a speech in 2017

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