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The dollar has fallen back


On September 28th the dollar index ended three consecutive gains, falling more than 300 points throughout the day, at a high of 93.66, at a low of 93.07, and finally at the 93.0 mark. Yesterday, the us reported its final quarterly GDP growth, which was revised up by 0.1 per cent to 3.1 per cent in the second quarter, compared with the second estimate released last month. It was better than expected and much more than a quarter of a quarter. However, the dollar index did not react strongly because of the initial unemployment number and the month-on-month report on wholesale inventories in August, and the short-term gains quickly returned to the weak.

[foreign exchange market] the upward pressure on the U.S. dollar index is above 93, and this week's line will still need to focus on 93 gains and losses.

1. Multiple empty views on the message face:

The U.S. dollar (neutral) : the final quarterly rate of real GDP in the second quarter of the United States was revised to 3.1 percent, better than the previous and expected 3 percent, the best performance since the beginning of 2015. The number of U.S. jobless claims rose to 27.2 on September 23, up from 25.9 and forecast 27.

Euro (lido) : euro zone economic sentiment index hit a 10-year high in September. German economic think tank: if the economy is still in good shape, the ECB should announce in the short term start to tighten its bond-buying program early next year.

2. Multi-aerial view of technology (more representative) :

The dollar (the pressure on the top of the dollar, the weekly line is still up to 93) : resistance 93.60, which supports 92.60.

The euro (1.17 to close down the positive line, but the bulls want to go to 1.19) : resistance 1.190, support 1.170.

The British pound (in the forest of the cloth), the bulls want to make it to the top of the list: 1.351.the resistance 1.350, which supports 1.335.

The Australian dollar (0.78 in the long shadow of the sun line, the bulls want to be able to stand 0.79) : resistance 0.790, support 0.780.

In the United States and Japan (113 above, the bulls must continue to force 112) : resistance 113.3, support 112.00

In the United States and Canada, the pressure appears on the top of 1.25, and the bulls continue to force 1.235 resistance. 1.235 resistance.

Mei rui (0.98 strong resistance is still unbroken, with the pressure under pressure) : resistance 0.9800, support 0.9600.

Gold (upward trend support to stop down the positive line, the bulls need to recover a thousand) : resistance 1297, support 1280.

Crude oil (the long pull of the shipment, below 50 before the empty side also difficult to do) : resistance 52.80, support 50.00.

3. Market attention today:

British September Gfk consumer confidence index

Japan's unemployment rate in August, Japan's core CPI rate in August

09:45 China's new manufacturing PMI for September

National house price index monthly rate in September

The rate of September CPI in France

The KOF economic leading indicator in Switzerland in September

The unemployment rate after Germany's September quarter unemployment rate and Germany's September quarter unemployment rate

In the second quarter of the UK, the UK's current account, the UK central bank's mortgage approvals in August and the UK's second quarterly GDP growth rate in the second quarter

The euro zone's initial annual CPI rate in September

The monthly GDP of Canada in July, the monthly rate of personal spending in August, the core PCE index in August and the annual rate of the core PCE price index in August

September Chicago PMI ? when the United States

? 22:00 the United States in September at the university of Michigan consumer confidence index value

? 23:00 in 2017, the committee vote appoint huck activity on the fed, the host address about the economic outlook and financial technology

The day after ? 01:00 on September 29, the United States to the week total number of oil drilling

The official PMI index ? morrow 09:00 China 9 month

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